do your old fandoms ever just come back to you, and you remember how much you love one character, and your just like “I forgot about you for a while but I’m back and I love you too my beautiful baby.”

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It’s weird that pirates would go from shore to shore looking for buried treasure when the real treasure was in the friendships they were making

wow updates

after 8 whole years, I have completed Yu-Gi-Oh GX Season 2

I cannot believe this

i am in tears

not because of my goal, but because the upcoming heartbreak is just going to start i cannot



princes mean so much to me.

princes born into the throne and princes as the sons of conquerors. princes raised by their mothers, by their siblings, by the antagonist, by the people. princes who want nothing more than to emulate their fathers and princes who want to be nothing like them. princes with callused hands. princes with scholarly hunched shoulders. princes with no talent at all. naive princes with nothing but hope and cynical princes with mouths full of bitterness. princes who want to lift their kingdom up and princes who want to watch it burn. princes whose life is woven around a certain princess. princes whose only queen is on a chessboard. princes whose attention can only be drawn by another prince.  P R I N C E S.

Where can I download Chazz's story? ^_^''

Wow, I’m not sure how long this has been here! D:

Here’s the tumblr link, which has the Demo!

It’s called Into Light and Darkness now, so enjoy! :D





so she came here in a shoe

I guess you could say her boat was clogged.



Bang, got you with a pun

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